More Necropolises of New Orleans

More Necropolises of New Orleans

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Tours and self-guided journeys through the cemeteries add a new angle to the many sights in New Orleans. Although the mausoleums are fascinating, living history waits around every corner of this venerable and historic city. Every street pulses with its own type of nightlife.

Today New Orleans and nearby Jefferson Parish and East Baton Rouge Parish are striking places for tourism with unique French and Spanish Creole architecture, a mild climate, and a cross-cultural and multilingual heritage.

Visitors flock to Café du Monde, stroll down Bourbon Street to take in the jazz music, relax in Jackson Square, refresh at St. Louis Cathedral, and picnic at Lake Pontchartrain. Mardi Gras might be special, but travelers who explore at other times of the year discover adventures and excitement steeped in culture and history.

New Orleans' cuisine is renowned worldwide for combining Creole, French, Spanish, Italian, African, Native American, Cajun, Chinese, and Cuban foods. Classic New Orleans dishes like jambalaya, beignets, gumbo, etouffee, Po' boy, café au lait, and red beans and rice can be found at fine dining establishments as well as inexpensive restaurants.